1979 BOLER

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Purchased "new" in Jan, 2002. I began the restoration process shortly after purchase. After 6 month's work, the inside is almost completed. The outside will be started immediately after completing the inside. While the results differ from what I had originally envisioned, I must admit I am more than thrilled with how the restoration is turning out. I may have gone a little overboard with some of the details like the ceramic counter top, wood floor and crown molding etc., but she was a very unique trailer to begin with, so she deserved a unique restoration. As can be seen in these before pictures, she was in pretty sad shape and in need of a lot of TLC. The cabinet above the sink was badly chopped up and would need rebuilding. It has been a lot of fun and a learning experience for me.

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 I decided to make the dinette a permanent bed and use the space underneath for storage. The first step in rebuilding was to rebuild the damaged cabinet above the counter. Having no experience with fiberglass I decided to rebuild it with 1/4" wood as can be seen in the next pictures. The next step was to re-mount the cabinet and then begin renovating the counter and lower cabinet. I removed the fridge as it was also in poor shape. I installed a microwave and cabinet in its place. I also installed a new electronic ignition furnace and power panel.. Things were beginning to take shape. I  began painting the ceiling white using a semi-gloss white acrylic enamel paint which really began to brighten things up as.

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I decided to paint the interior 2 colors. The ceiling and the front wall by the sofa are white, the rest of the walls are painted Marino Wool. I made some crown molding to separate the 2 colors where they meet on the walls. I then put recessed lighting in the molding. The cabinets are the same color as the walls, the doors are white. I painted the rubber trim on the cabinets forest green. Then put in wood flooring. By this time I was having a lot of fun and getting a little carried away with the restoration. I put molding around the lower cabinet and microwave. Then the counter top looked too drab. I painted the stove with heat resistant white paint and then decided to install  light gray ceramic tile on the counter to and trimmed it with forest green molding. I still have a little detail work before the inside will be considered finished, then I will move on to painting the outside of the trailer.

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After many many months of work, she's done! I added a folding extension for the counter and tiled it to match. I'm thinking about moving the air conditioner from the back window to the bottom of the closet..........someday.

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The outside was sanded and I painted it with paint for fiberglass boats. I painted it with rollers!! The belly band looked drab, so I highlighted it with 1/4" wide gold pin striping. Adds a nice touch. The Boler name on the windshield cover was beyond repair so I put a simple graphic on it. I removed the windows and put in new putty to seal them, then I sanded the front frame and painted it flat black

IT'S DONE..............FOR NOW

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